Re-elect Dannis, Power, & Wai Experience. Expertise. Excellence.
Re-elect Dannis, Power, & WaiExperience. Expertise. Excellence.

Gilbert Wai

Gilbert was appointed to the School Board in 2014 and has seamlessly transitioned into being a well-informed, dedicated, tireless Trustee.  On most school days, Gilbert can be seen opening car doors for students during drop off at our elementary schools.


Gilbert has a strong track record of community engagement.  As West Parent Group President, he was a daily volunteer for Traffic and Safety drop off at West, and ensured all parents felt included at the school. Before he was appointed, Gilbert served on the district's Citizens' Financial Review Commission and led the Strategic Planning Committee for HSF and outlined revenue, volunteer engagement and ROI goals for the next three years.  His experience on the San Mateo High School Foundation for four years brings local high school knowledge and perspective to his service on the School Board.  He continues to be engaged with our community by representing the Board at all Roundtable Communications and HSF Board meetings.


Gilbert is a product of public education and values what public education can provide for our children, families and community.  He arrived as an immigrant in kindergarten and profoundly recognizes that a quality education provides the path to achieving the hopes and dreams of immigrant families.  His experience building companies (including two initial public offerings and one acquisition by Agilent Technologies), leading engineering teams, and hiring and evaluating staff provide him with direct knowledge about what skills our students need professionally.


When Gilbert’s wife passed away in 2007, he made a conscious decision to immerse himself in the school volunteer community as a means to support his children through the most difficult time in their lives. As a single dad who is helping one child deal with learning differences, and two children handle their mom’s terminal illness and death, he’s seen how important resilience, flexibility, and adaptability are to a student’s ability to cope with life and the inevitable changes that go with it.


Gilbert has been an effective, thoughtful contributor on the Board with his strong high tech business background, his track record of community leadership, and his commitment to giving back to this community.  He is passionate about ensuring the next generation of students receive the same opportunities his own children had in the Hillsborough schools.

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